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New Ambassadors

- Wednesday, March 09, 2016

We want to welcome the newest recruits to our hugely talented Brand Ambassadors squad! Barry Pender, the current Irish No.1 High Jumper who has recently gained qualification to the European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam later in the year. He is just 3cm off the standard for the Olympic Games in Rio! Yes just 3cm! 

The other member of our team is the notorious Lee Keegan, he is Mayo's shining light and has a serious amount of medals and accolades to prove it. If you take a look at his profile you can see exactly what he has to offer. 


Paradox Champions League

- Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Looking forward to the Champions League tonight we`re supporting City who are you supporting?


Travelling All Over The World

- Monday, September 28, 2015

It's CRAZY! We have reached over 50 countries with our new website launch! Take a look at our twitter post and see who we have reached, from the United States of America to Jordan! It is something we are very proud of and we want to keep improving our ties with countries all over the world! 

Brand Ambassador - Katie Kirk

- Friday, September 25, 2015

We would just like to welcome Katie Kirk to our Paradox Omega Oils Team! It is great to see such talented athletes and sports stars in Northern Ireland. If you want to find out more about Katie then follow the link here to Katie Kirk

New Brand Ambassadors

- Friday, September 11, 2015

We are really happy to introduce 6 of our newest Brand Ambassadors, this is a new feature we have added to our website you can find this section here  at Brand Ambassadors. It is a completely dedicated page to our new recruits. It will have bios on them giving you a bit of insight into the world of these Professional Sportsmen & Women. 

Our Ambassadors include, Adam KeefeJason Harvey, Rory Best, Aaron KernanMichelle Harvey & Leon Reid why not take a look at their profiles on the website and tweet them to see how they rate our products!


Welcome to Paradox Omega Oils Ltd

- Monday, August 31, 2015

We want to welcome you all to our new blog, we have been working away for a while to create a new website that is up to date with the current trends. By doing so we want to add some blog posts regularly to give you our clients the most up to date info and goings on at Paradox Oils Ltd HQ. We will be kick starting with a 10% Discount Code for all the new and existing clients we have. All we ask in return is that you share and like our post on our social media channels Facebook & Twitter. We hope you enjoy the new user experience here at Paradox Omega Oils and we will be in touch again real soon.

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