Why Paradox?

Paradox has been developed using a natural and incredibly effective method which protects essential Omega fatty acids, keeping them fresh. This extra protection gives the fragile Omega fatty acids found in fish oil much more stability, making Paradox fresher when it reaches the body cells. That makes all the difference when the body wants to use these essential building blocks, maximising the benefits. The fresher the Omegas the more effective and no unpleasant side effects like "fishy repeats" from our capsules or oil.


Innovation in Omega 3 Supplementation 

A new and revolutionary way forward in Omega purity, quality and stability, since its conception Paradox has become a No. 1 best selling Omega 3 product around the world. The initial ideas behind a new solution to super quality and stability in Omega 3 supplementation came  from patient’s experiences with what was considered to be poor quality Omega 3 fish oil supplements. The conclusions to this research were that the non-benefits of the patients’ supplements were due to three key factors:


1. Patients were not taking Omega 3 supplements on a regular basis or for long enough.

2. Patients were taking Omega 3 supplements containing poor quality or rancid Omega oils.

3. Patients were not taking large enough therapeutic doses.


Paradox was designed to fulfil all the criteria necessary to quality Omega 3 supplements that are safe and effective and can be taken by patients easily without side effects.


Before you take any other Omega 3 supplement, ask yourself these questions.


Is your Omega supplement totally natural?

Omega supplements that claim to have more EPA/DHA are highly concentrated and all contain unnatural molecules. They have also had many of the natural, health giving nutrients extracted in the manufacturing process. This means your concentrated Omega supplement oxidises rapidly and this may be harmful to your long-term health. Paradox is scientifically proven to be more stable than other Omega supplements, giving you proven long-term benefits to your health.


Is your Omega supplement effective?

Research suggests Omega supplements containing concentrated EPA and DHA (Ethyl Esters) are less easily absorbed and less effective. Some Omega supplements also claim to contain natural triglycerides but also contain Ethyl Esters and ‘fillers’ to make up the weight. Paradox only contains totally natural Omega oils, as nature intended, giving totally natural solutions to everyday healthcare.





"Paradox has the lead in this market"

                                    - University of Ulster




Has the formula of the Omega supplement you take been developed alongside one of The UK’s leading food scientists at The UK’s top most Department of Biomedical Science?

At Paradox we have used 50 years of research and a 3 year development project with The Department of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Ulster, to create a formula that is safe effective and totally stable.


Is your Omega supplement clever or like most does it contain "weak" antioxidants to help stabilise the Omega 3 molecules?

Paradox is formulated with natural oils containing powerful antioxidants which are not found in other Omega 3 fish oils, making Paradox much more stable and therefore much more effective.


Has your Omega supplement been developed, manufactured and marketed by a large company who also manufacture all kinds of synthetic vitamins, minerals and Omega supplements?

Paradox only make totally natural, totally pure Omega supplements, all manufactured under UK MHRA GMP license.


Is your Omega 3 supplement sustainable?

We know the species of fish and exactly where they are caught to supply all the Paradox products.


1. South East Pacific  : Peru and Chile FAO Area 87 ; species Peruvian Anchovy. A quota system has been in place for many years with The Marine Institute of Peru  (IMARPE)  and the Chilean Fishery Research and Development group (IFOP) being responsible for assessing stock

2. Eastern central Atlantic: Morocco FAO Area 34 ; species European Pilchard, Anchovy. The fish oil obtained from the Moroccan fishery is certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea.



Paradox continues to develop a range of unique and totally natural Omega supplements for all the family.



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